Creative block? Try using these campaigns for inspiration

How would you describe your ideal customer? What kind of person does your brand attract? Are they young or old? Male or female? Rich or poor? What makes them tick?

ICM students were assigned to create a powerful brand awareness campaign for Beyond Meat, which is a plant-based brand. The main goal of their campaign was to create an effective campaign representing the values of the brand.

One group was inspired by the piece of art by the Belgian artist René Magritte, “Ceci n’est pas un pipe.” Magritte is considered an important figure in Belgian culture, so the students used the clouds from his masterpiece to make sure everyone knew that the reference was linked to him.

Another group of students decided to combine what Beyond Meat stands for and step out of their comfort zone. The students decided to link their copy of the grass into a more ecological environment.

Which of the two campaigns inspired you the most?

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