Spreek je geen Nederlands? No Problem!

Are you considering studying in Belgium and eager to immerse yourself in the local culture? Learning Dutch can significantly enhance your experience and open doors to a deeper understanding of Belgian society.

Fortunately, there are affordable options available for students to learn Dutch, whether through university courses, language schools, or community meetings.

At Thomas More, Dutch language courses are offered as part of the curriculum, allowing students to embark on learning Dutch from scratch as an integral component of their studies.

Whether you’re starting as a beginner or aiming to enhance your proficiency, these courses provide structured learning opportunities tailored to student’s academic needs and schedules.

At Atlas residents of Antwerp can explore why, when, where, and how they want to learn Dutch. If you have prior knowledge, a free test determines your starting level, followed by personalized guidance in selecting the most suitable course.

With flexible start times, affordable rates, and varying course durations, you’ll be enrolled in a program or provided essential course details for your Dutch language journey.

Residents of Flanders can access Dutch learning community meetings, aiding expats in integration. These gatherings offer interactive sessions and cultural exchanges, easily found through Facebook groups for expats, facilitating language practice and cultural immersion

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