Top 6 career paths in marketing

By Nina Hess

I bet you are wondering what you want to do in the future —and oh, you are not alone. It may be confusing which career path to take—I get it, it’s a serious decision. But rest assured that the International Communication and Media (ICM) program at Thomas More prepares you for many, many careers related to global communication.

The media and communication industry changes constantly, so there are many new possible positions that can provide desired experience and opportunity for self-improvement. And while the possibilities can seem overwhelming, ICM prepares you well for whatever path you choose. Let me introduce  you to the most common jobs you may match with your skills after the ICM program: 

  1. Research & Strategy

Do you consider yourself an analytical person? Are you that one student who loves asking questions in class? Is Research Methods your favourite course? Is Professor Koen your guru? Number, numbers and numbers make you happy? Good news! You’re an innovative thinker and thanks to your research, you fuel your team with insights. Research & Strategy people are curious minds who are always asking themselves: Why? How?

Careers in Research & Strategy:

  • Director of Strategy
  • Brand Planning Director
  • VP/SVP/EVP of Strategy
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Brand Planning Coordinator
  • Brand Planner
  • Brand Strategist
  • Digital Strategist
  • Research Executive
  • Research Manager

2. Media & Touchpoints

If you are a person who is highly organised and prefers to devise a strategy for your work beforehand, the media & touch points path is probably your choice. The visibility of the client’s campaign is your highest responsibility in terms of radio, tv, billboards, posters, influencers etc. In addition, the media people usually collaborate with the creative team. You are the one who knows everything about the industry, target group and trends. Lastly, good luck dealing with self-proclaimed influencers if you need to.

Media Marketing careers: 

  • Media Manager
  • Associate Media Buying Director
  • Associate Media Director
  • Group Broadcast Director
  • Executive Media Director
  • Associate Media Research Manager
  • Touch Point Specialist
  • Media Coordinator
  • Traffic Coordinator
  • Media Research Associate
  • Assitant Media Planner
  • Digital Media Specialist
  • Media Assistant
  • Media Planner
  • Media Buyer
  • Investment/Analytics Relations
  • Media Supervisor
  • Content Manager

3. Account Management

Account managers play an important role as ” the best friends” of the client. You are the spokesperson of the client while being responsible for the client’s strategic guidance.  Effective communication and solving problems are your main strengths. But keep in mind you are in charge of the client’s brief and maintaining a strong business relationship with the client at all times.

  • Account Planning Supervisor
  • Relationship Manager
  • Group Account Director
  • Account Director
  • Account Group Director
  • Client Services Director
  • VP/SVP/EVP of Client Happiness
  • Chief Client Officer
  • Accountant Coordinator
  • Account Planner
  • Account Services
  • Account Supervisor
  • Group Account Supervisor
  • Management Supervisor
  • Account Executive
  • Account Group Supervisor
  • Project Manager

4. Business Development

I’m sure when you were a kid you didn’t think about a business career at first. It’s not the most interesting career in the marketing field for some students. However, if you consider yourself as highly ambitious and like to challenge yourself, this could be the way for you…and let’s be honest, the salaries are not too bad. The Business Development team is perfect for people who know how to connect marketing with sales. They are expected to implement growth opportunities, to increase revenue and raise profit margins. “It’s all about the money”

• Business Development Director
• Business Development Manager
• Vice President (VP) of Strategic Growth
• Senior Vice President (SVP) of Agency Growth
• Chief Growth Officer
• Business Development Associate
• New Business Coordinator
• Business Development Coordinator
• New Business Manager

5. Creative

Being a member of the creative teams means you are responsible for the visual side of projects. Whole client briefs need to be translated into creative concepts.  Deep understanding of marketing, social and cultural awareness and being decisive are the best features of the creative person that fits into the marketing field.The client will be in your centre of attention, and you have to interpret their vision. You will be repeating the creative process of the idea so many times as it finally meets expectations. Ultimately, you will need to convince stakeholders that your ideas can drive business objectives.

• Creative Director
• Senior Copywriter
• Graphic Designer
• Art Director
• Studio Manager
• Creative Manager
• Creative President
• Director of Creative Services
• Director of Graphic Services
• Experience Director
• VP, Group Creative Director
• Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
• Junior Designer
• Assistant Copywriter
• Assistant Graphic Designer
• Interactive Developer
• Creative Coordinator
• Studio Specialist
• Content Producer
• Illustrator
• Experience Designer
• Social Producer
• Social Media Copywriter
• UX / UI Designer

6. Operations

Design and control over the process of the campaign production in order to achieve objectives defined by marketing strategies.  Thanks to the Operations management essentials, activities can be effective. You will also coordinate internal business affairs e.g human resources, budget, timeline and resources related to the project. 

Did you know your salary can rise to $95,.000$ per year? (of course, it depends on the level of the experience and education degree). 

• Director of HR
• Digital Media Managing Director
• Senior Vice President, Operations
• Director of Project Management
• Agency Operations Manager
• Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
• Operations Associate
• Accounting and HR Specialist
• Assistant Project Manager
• Project Manager
• Creative Operations Manager
• Director of Finance

The beginning of the career is a colourful time of getting to know how inexperienced you are and how you don’t know anything! 😂 See it as a great experience to get to know yourself better as soon to be full-time professional – whatever career you end up chasing after.