Community events happening at Thomas More

Students from the International Playground course recently organized an event designed to bring together students from various programs at Thomas More through singing.

Student community events are a great way to meet new people, build friendships, and get involved in campus life. They also provide opportunities for academic enrichment and personal development.

The karaoke clash is one example. The clash is a singing game that offers the participant a different experience from the standard karaoke night out. The participants battle with each other on three different rounds with the difficulty increasing each time.

The event was organized by students of multiple programs at Thomas More, including International Communication and Media, Journalism, and International Media and Entertainment Business (IMB).

If you missed this event, fear not! Other events are already in the works. Mark your calendars for the 12th and 19th of May with Belgian´s next top model and the Rocket League tournament events coming up!

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