Explore Belgium by Train

For students exploring Belgium, the country’s extensive railway network offers a convenient and affordable way to travel.

With the Youth Multi pass, embark on 10 train journeys across Belgium at an unbeatable price. Whether you’re exploring solo or with friends, this low-cost pass, available for €62 at the counter or ATM (€60 on the app), ensures budget-friendly travel for an entire year. Don’t miss out on the chance to discover Belgium’s hidden treasures and vibrant cities with ease and affordability!

Hey, students commuting to Mechelen! Grab your Student Season Ticket for unlimited travel to school and back at an incredible 80% discount! Enjoy perks like a full year’s travel for the price of 10 months, discounts on parking at SNCB Carparks, and the flexibility to combine with other transport networks like STIB, TEC, and De Lijn. You can check the price on the official SNCB website.

Looking to explore Belgium during the school holidays? With the Youth Holidays offer, enjoy unlimited travel for €18 per week or €35 per month! The ticket is valid during Spring break, Easter holidays, Summer holidays, Autumn break, and Christmas holidays.

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