5 easy ways you can stay focused during the exam period

For many students among us, exams are almost around the corner and we all know what that means. We have to switch off our Netflix accounts for endless textbooks, recorded classes, and notes. However, we all still need to stay focused and that’s how these 5 easy tips can help you as well.

1. Studying with the right friends 

Working by yourself can sometimes become boring and you can get easily distracted. Instead, try to work together with your friends. This can be a great approach to bounce ideas off of one another and help each other comprehend portions of the subject or subject area where you’re having trouble.

2. Try and find a quiet place 

At school, there are many quiet places where you can work. At Campus De Ham, you can rent a room or work in the media cafe. You can also go to the library at Campus De Vest or Campus Kruidtuin. Even though it will be great to revise things with your friends, gathering your thoughts independently will keep your eyes on the prize. 

3. Remove Distractions 

Try not to binge-watch a whole series on Netflix. It is however important to take breaks, so leave your distractions for during these breaks. Turning off or putting away your device can be a tremendous help in keeping your focus high. It is also important to remove clutter or other distractions from your working desk to maximize your focus as well.

4. Do give yourself a break 

One of the most crucial things to keep your focus is to often take a small break. Make sure you don’t just stay behind your desk, but try to move around, go grab a coffee or go for a walk.

5. Stick to your plan 

Write down a schedule and stick to your plan as much as possible. Stick to your schedule to ensure that you cover all of the topics that will be covered in the test and that the courses you have are balanced, particularly if you have two tests on the same day.