4 easy tips for choosing the right student house in Mechelen

When do I need my student house sorted by?

All of us, as students do find it difficult to find an apartment and it’s always best to start looking for a student house before the start of the semester at Thomas More. Doing your research a month beforehand makes it easier for you to find an apartment. As a student, always try to contact the housing agents early, so you can see what rooms are available to your liking. By doing this, you can generate an overview of the different housing locations that are near the school and the differences in price. Here are two links that can help you find for accommodations in Mechelen: 

https://www.studentkotweb.be/en or https://www.student.be/en/mechelen/student-rooms/

Have a housing accommodation at Campus Kruidtuin in Mechelen?

In the center of Mechelen, you’ll be able to find Campus Kruidtuin residence for many students. During the time you spend studying at Thomas More, the student housing at Campus Kruidtuin is always a fun and cozy place to live! Thomas More rents out 51 student rooms and 4 studio flats to students. Two rooms have been equipped for wheelchair users. At Campus Kruidtuin, they also offer cheaper prices for students: Student room for the price of €298 or €309 depending on the size of the room (12-19 m²), or Studio flat for 1 person for €412.

If you have questions about the Campus Kruidtuin accommodation, please contact: residentie.kruidtuin@thomasmore.be.

Stay connected through social media platforms with other students

Many students, including myself, who are leaving for a study exchange or internship are looking for other students to sublet their student homes. With that, students will post a message on social media looking for someone to sublet, and hopefully, you can be the first one to respond. Try and keep close contact with other students or even try to follow the social media pages of Thomas More, as many students tag our pages when they are looking to sublet their apartment.

Location, Location, Location

Another key factor is that location is very important when looking for housing. Try to find accommodations in Mechelen. This can be very important and easy when going to school. Of course, it’s not always easy to find accommodation in the city center but living 1 or 2 km away from school isn’t always bad, as you can use your bike, bus, or car to come to school.